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Artist Statement


Over the past 2 decades l have engaged myself in the realms of picture making.  These years have been some of the most personally rewarding years of my life, not to mention some of the most challenging.  While academically trained in fine arts at the Victoria College of the Arts, I believe much of my work has instinctively been borne out of my heritage and my subconscious understandings.


Drawing from nature has become an essential stimulus for evolving my skills and sensibilities as a painter and has been imperative in tuning my senses to the subtleties of medium and representation.  Each of my pictures has a life and identity of its own, that records in mark making, colour, light, gesture, atmosphere, climate, space, time and place.


My artwork sustains a series of observations and concerns, both spiritual and intellectual, that reflect upon the interrelation that has occurred from my personal experiences including field trips, relationships, imagination, research, education and memories. The result is a constantly evolving body of work that is ‘figurative’ in orientation, created using a variety of  traditional painting techniques, materials and practices, combined with an overwhelming pride in craftsmanship.




Adam Nudelman 2015


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