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Artist Biography


Lives and works in South Gippsland, Victoria.





Australian Catholic University
Grad Dip Education (Sec)



Melbourne University, Victorian College of the Arts
BA (Fine Arts) Painting



Western Metropolitan College of TAFE
Advanced Certificate – Art & Design




2024        ‘Spitual Sweep’  JAN-Mar  Queenscliffe Gallery, Queenscliffe, Victoria


2022        ‘Where some find peace’  March 2022   Nanda/Hobbs  Gallery, Sydney


2022        ‘Between Heaven and Earth’  Feb-Mar  Queenscliffe Gallery, Queenscliffe, Victoria

2020         ‘An Island is just That’  March 2020  Queenscliff Gallery,  Queenscliff

2019         ‘Away from the light of the World’  Oct 2019   Nanda/Hobbs  Gallery, Sydney

2018         ‘A Sea of Discontent’  Feb 2018   Nanda/Hobbs  Gallery, Sydney


2016         ‘A Survey of Transition’  20 Mar- 16 Apr 2016   Gecko Studio Gallery, Fish Creek, Victoria


2016         ‘Anything Just to Belong’  Feb 2016   Nanda/Hobbs Contemporary & NKN Gallery, Melbourne


2015         ‘We Take Comfort in the Idea of a Paradise’  Feb 2015  Art Equity, Sydney


2013         'When all the Worlds Asleep’, Nov 2013, Hill-Smith Gallery, Adelaide


2013         ’In Our Private Universe’, March 2013  Art Equity, Sydney


2012         Melbourne Art Fair, August 2012, James Makin Gallery


2011         ’38 Weeks to Settlement’, November 2011, Art Equity, Sydney


2011         ‘Archiving the Nights’, June 2011, James Makin Gallery, Collingwood


2010         'A Generous Allotment’, June 2010, Hill-Smith Gallery, Adelaide


2009         ‘62 Days in the Highlands’, August 2009, Paiomena Gallery, Launceston


2008         'Waiting for the Fall’, September 2008, James Makin Gallery, Melbourne


2008         'Defining the Silence’, May 2008, Art Equity, Sydney


2007         'In Their Footsteps’, The Australian Jewish Museum, Melbourne.


2006         ‘Silence, Identity & the Landscape’ October 2006, James Makin Gallery, Armadale


2006         ‘Return to Lake Mungo', September 2006, Bundoora Homestead Art Gallery, Melbourne


2005         'Surveying Structure', Rushcutters Bay Gallery, Sydney


2004         'Uncovering Identity', Royal Melbourne Hospital, Melbourne


2004         '60 Months of Identity', Bundoora Homestead Art Gallery, Melbourne


2004         'Observing Structure', Dickerson Gallery, Melbourne


2003         'Surveying Identity', The Australian Jewish Museum, Melbourne


2003          'Another Legacy', The Besen Center, Mt Scopus Memorial College, Melbourne


2002         'Interplay, Inheritance & Identity', Rushcutters Bay Gallery, Sydney


2002         'A Survey of Inheritance', The Australian Jewish Museum, Melbourne


2001         ‘Taking Stock’, Aviva Campbell Gallery, Melbourne


1999         ‘Taking a New Perspective’, Charles Smith Gallery, Fitzroy


1997         ‘Snowy Mountain Landscapes’, Hurstbridge Goldworks Gallery, Main Rd, Eltham


1992-93     ‘Still Life’, V.C.A Gallery, Melbourne




2023            Landscape and Memory, September, Nanda Hobbs Gallery, Sydney


2021             Small Works Salon, Nanda Hobbs Gallery, Sydney

                    Assemblage, Nov-Dec Bundoora Homestead Art Centre, Victoria

                    Small Works Salon 2nd Wave, Nanda Hobbs Gallery, Sydney


2020        ‘ Warren & Wayne’  Jul-Aug 2020  Queenscliffe Gallery, Queenscliffe, Victoria


2019            Summer Show Collection, Dec-Jan, Nanda Hobbs Gallery, Sydney


2018             Lustre, Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop, Queenscliff

                    Locus (Imaginary), Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop, Queenscliff

2017            December, Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop, Queenscliff

                   Gippsland Print Award, Gippsland art Gallery Sept - Nov

                   Streeton Prints, Artist in Residence, Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop, Queenscliff

                   Restless Nature’, Mar 2017, Collins Place Gallery, Melbourne

                   Places', Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop, Queenscliff

2015            Two of a Kind, April 2015, Bundoora Homestead Gallery, Bundoora

2014            Summer Collection’, Feb 2014, James Makin Gallery, Collingwood

2012            Winter Collection’, June 2012, James Makin Gallery, Collingwood

2011            ‘The River’, October-December 2011, Bundoora Homestead Art Centre, Bundoora


‘2011            Tattersalls Club Art Prize’, Tattersalls Club, Brisbane


‘Glover Prize Finalists’, March 2011, Launceston 2010

‘2010 – The John Leslie Art Prize Finalists’, November 2010, Gippsland Art Gallery, Sale


‘Autumn Collection’, April 2010, James Makin Gallery, Collingwood


‘Recent Acquisitions’, May 2009, LaTrobe University Museum of Art, Bundoora Campus


‘Winter Collection’, June 2009, James Makin Gallery, Collingwood


‘Winter Collection’, July-August 2008, James Makin Gallery, Armadale


‘Glover Prize Finalists’, March 2008, Launceston, Tasmania


‘Autumn Collection’, March 2008, James Makin Gallery, Armadale


‘Natura Morte’, February 2007, James Makin Gallery, Armadale


‘Salon de Monstalvat’, December 2006, Montsalvat Gallery, Eltham


‘Winter Collection’, July 2006, James Makin Gallery, Armadale


‘Melbourne Art Fair’, August 2006, Port Jackson Press, Exhibition Building, Melbourne


‘The Anita Show’, Counihan Gallery, Brunswick


‘Winter Collection’ June-July 2005, Port Jackson Press Gallery, Brunswick


‘Journeys In Identity', June-July 2005, Bundoora Homestead Art Gallery, Melbourne


‘With Love to Israel', Temple Beth Israel, Melbourne


‘Precious Platters', Sotheby's Fine Art, Victoria


‘The White Bull', Geelong Art Gallery, Victoria


'Smart Art', Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne


'Hidden Treasures of the City of Darebin Art Collection’, Bundoora Homestead Art Gallery, Melbourne


‘The Group Show’, Artholes Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria


'Kosher Culture', The Australian Jewish Museum, Melbourne


'Five %’, Red Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria


‘We Are Australian’ touring exhibition – Canberra, Melbourne, Tasmania, Brisbane, South Africa


‘Rearvision’, Span Galleries, Melbourne


‘Mixed Pictures’, Charles Smith Gallery, Melbourne


‘Three Perspectives’, Charles Smith Gallery, Fitzroy


‘The Post-Postcard Show’, Linden Gallery, St. Kilda


‘Exposed’, Aquinas College Gallery, Ringwood


‘Wildlife’, Port Jackson Press Gallery, Brunswick


‘A Survey Of Our Landscape’, Charles Smith Gallery, Fitzroy


‘Five Painters’, Re-Entombed Gallery, Armadale





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  • National Museum, Canberra

  • The Australian Jewish Museum, Melbourne

  • United Energy, Melbourne

  • Victorian College of the Arts

  • The City of Darebin

  • LaTrobe University

  • No. 1 Martin Place, Westin Hotel Sydney

  • Park Hyatt Hotel, Melbourne

  • J. Richards & Associates, Las Vegas, USA

  • Grocon Pty Ltd


  • Moranding Park Pty Ltd

  • Victoria University

  • Western Metropolitan College of TAFE

  • Port Jackson Press Australia

  • Accent Investment Group, Melbourne

  • Aquinas College, Ringwood







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